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An Artist Life

I feel honored and privileged to share stage with Filipino American Singers of LA. Cristiani, Lucho, Garth and King. These people are just some of the world class Filipino singers I know. I would also like to add.

When you hire us singers and artists, you do not just hire our one-song talent. You employ a lifetime experience that started for many years when we were still young. Consistent vocal training and discipline every day and learning songs in the most beautiful interpretation we would imagine. You hire our experience to let you experience the magic that inspires us and encourage us, so you too will be inspired and encouraged as well. The world we see when interpreting a piece. We share the gift God has authored.

Please consider that when you hire us, we pay an independent contractor Tax. We prepare days to think about what we will wear for your special day; we want to let you feel you are important. We fill up our gas tanks to come on time and rehearse with the band and make sure the sound will be great for your ears. We put on make-up to look professional and beautiful for you and your guests. We pay our taxes to be socially responsible and help society. We continuously vocally train every day to keep in tune. What is left to the fee is for our family to eat and pay bills. Singers, musicians, artists, and the like do what we do because we want to have life more than a living. We are ordinary people who have bills to pay and families to feed.

We love performing and we love the fact that you believe in our talent. Continue to patronize Filipino American Talents.

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