Christmas Without My Mom

My mom and I were partners in many ways. I don’t remember my mom buying me an expensive toy when I was a little; instead, she would spend time with me singing or dancing or going to the park. Mama would say,” Son, you can’t eat those toys,” I would reply, “ but I can’t eat the park and medals” then I would get spanking by a hanger or her precious sandals or a broom for talking back. 😂 🤣 How funny those items are a remembrance of discipline and comfort. Hahaha

She wanted me to have medals instead. We both dreamed that my sister Sheryl Palad MD and I become Medical Doctors. She always tells me to look after my sisters. I finished college in Biology, but I decided not to go to med school because at that time, Sheryl was in med school, and we needed to focus on her and Camille being in Highschool and Sheena in Elementary. It’s always a joy to work with her for my sisters’ future.

Like what I said in my stories, people asked why I was still not married. Assuming and rude people would speculate on what I am not. I had girlfriends, and only one of them my mom loved, and my mom and I prayed to be my wife. -- secret! 😆

But I decided to be my Mom’s husband. Now I am a widower. I wanted my mom to be happier because she was always hurt by men in her life, from when she was a little till when she got married. She showed and taught me to be the family man and never leave responsibilities. Most of all, she taught me to pray every day: Liberty, my mom, my best friend, and the love of my life.

I know you are still battling in prayer there in heaven. My mama perfectly knows our family’s battle cry to glorify and prepare the way for the Lord of his 2nd coming here.

It still feels surreal. I am missing you!

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