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Excellence of A Woman

Proverbs 12:4

An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she who bring shame is like rottenness in his bones.

As we journey through life, we may come to realize that beauty, skills, and talents may eventually fade away with age. However, it is the qualities of a good name, character, and attitude, which are honed over time, that truly stand the test of time. In light of this, I wish to pay tribute to my wife - she is a woman of extraordinary beauty, but also of exceptional character, guided by godly principles. Her excellence is a testament to the lasting power of those qualities that truly matter.

The story that I would like to share is about my wife, who is not only an excellent artist but also a remarkable woman. Once, we were hired to be the emcee and entertainers for an event. We were given a specific program and script to follow, but things didn't go as planned. Some people in the program took over our roles as emcee and singers, leaving us with only one song to perform and a little engagement with the audience. As a human, I felt frustrated and discouraged.

However, my wife came to my rescue and reminded me of our identity as artists. She said, "Love, it's okay. There are many emcees and singers out there, but we are called to do what we do because we offer something different than the norm." Her words not only calmed me down but also made me realize the importance of our artistic identity and the unique contribution that we bring to the world.

With my wife's wise words and unwavering support, I stayed true to my artistic purpose and was reminded of the importance of our creative identity. It's not our talent or skills or beauty that sets us apart, but the spirit of Christ within us that makes us truly exceptional. and keep us from rotting from the worlds pride. Jesus said, apart from Him we cannot do anything.

"A woman who has the Spirit of God becomes the strength and the crowning glory of a man" - these words are a testament to the beauty and wisdom that comes from a strong connection with the divine. #proverbsaday #christianinspiration

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