Felson & Sheena: The Gospel Recording Artists

I recently updated the playlist for my early morning motivations. While searching on Spotify, I came across a song called “Hold On.” I fell in love with the music and lyrics. Apparently, it’s a song by Felson and Sheena. I’d love to tell you more about these Filipino Gospel Recording Artists.

Felson & Sheena

Felson & Sheena are siblings. Both of them started their singing career at a young age. Felson started singing in front of the crowd at the age of  12 while Sheena joined the church choir at the age of 10.

Both of them are active members of the church. Felson is a worship and youth leader in South Pasadena Christian Church. He’s a resident artist and music director of The Upper Room Ministry a Christian Coffee Shop in Mission Viejo Orange County in California USA. In the Philippines, Sheena is a Worship leader in the church too. She conducts workshops in different churches to encourage them the true meaning of Worship and be able to write songs based on the truth. They are using their music to evangelize.

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