Lighthouse In The City

This morning Dee (my girlfriend) and I met her friend Ruth. We had an incredible spiritual bonding with prayer and vision casting. We asked the Holy Spirit to give us Holy thoughts.

Mine was a Lighthouse in the middle of the city, then a single GREEN LEAF. I see the TOP of the tower blazing with fire. It was DAYTIME; I saw a wall clock at 12:20. There were trees around and cars moving. I wasn’t in front or at the back of the tower, but looking at the Lighthouse tower across the street, I didn’t see myself.

I didn’t see Jesus, but I knew in my Spirit I needed to be on top of the Lighthouse. The Holy Spirit said He would meet me there.

I saw Jesus’ eyes and saw tears and homeless people. Jesus said, “I am still in the business of saving souls.” Then I asked the Lord, “Make me a servant Humble and meek,” He replied, yes.

My vision continued and brought me back to my dream last 2018. I see the white Lion again in my dream. He still speaks to me and breathes life. The door on its left has no doorknob, and it's white.

Heaven is a real place. It is not just a made-up feeling or feeling good emotion. It is home. Our God is our great reward. Jesus is Lord. He is the only way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but only through Him.

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