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Mothers Are Heaven Sent

My God in the Bible never fails to empower women from the beginning of time. Mothers are with strength without swords, possess wisdom by the word of God, and are endowed with beauty that more than meets the eyes.

Mothers should never be embarrassed no matter what size of their clothes, the color of their hair, or wrinkles on their bodies; these are marks and evidence of patience, endurance, and unconditional love for their children, husbands, and neighbors.

Mothers are eternal and divine. Mothers are more than a help to boys and men; they are equal and able to give excellent jobs like husbands. Mothers are God’s hand-maid so that warriors would be more compassionate and able to show mercy and practice grace to their enemies.

To all the mothers and future mothers, you deserve to be honored not only for a day but with every day of your lives.

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