Mr. Pure Energy

As iron sharpens iron, so as man sharpens man, the Bible says in proverbs.

Last night, I had the opportunity to talk and spend time with my ultimate influence in music, Mr. Pure Energy Gary V. I was star-struck as usual, but as we spoke, I felt fathered and mentored at the same time. For 3 hours, we’ve been talking about the faithfulness of God and Music and songwriting. This man, despite celebrity status, let his guard down and took time to share his arts and walk with the Lord. Seldom you meet very secure artists with their identity in Christ. I needed this talk. I said if he needed an army, I would sign up. 😆 we both have lots in common. We are both diabetic and sing 😂. We share the same favorite scene in the Chosen where Nicodemus encountered Jesus. I think we were both so loud laughing in Yamashiro. He even listened to my version of Could You Be Messiah and songs I wrote, What?! Yes. This morning I’m pumped to write more songs for the Lord. I thought someone had already understood things God had put in my heart. What an incredible and godly man. My dream is to share a stage and record with this man of God.

I will never forget this night when God graciously let me meet my mentors in life. I know I am in a quiver of God’s; my time is soon to come when I get to be used as his arsenal for life giving and reconciliation to men, and my God will not miss the aim. My purpose and mission will fulfill what He called me to do. Maranatha!


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