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Patience Like Microwave

Proverbs 25:15

With patience a ruler may be persuaded, and a soft tongue will break a bone.

I have a confession to make - patience is not my strong suit. Frustration often finds me easily, and the grand scope of any task can quickly overwhelm me. It's all too common for me to throw in the towel, feeling like completion is an impossible feat. The modern world has wired us to crave instant results, akin to the swift convenience of a microwave. But consider this - just as swiftly as your coffee heats up, it cools down, leaving you unsatisfied, perhaps even leading to the creation of a fresh brew.

This reality prompts a profound lesson that resonates with me deeply. Rather than seeking patience within myself, I've learned to look beyond, to a higher source of this elusive virtue. Love, as eloquently penned by Paul, embodies patience. This divine trait, bestowed by the Holy Spirit, is not something we inherently possess; it is a gift from Yahweh, enabling us to endure with grace.

With patience comes a transformative power - a gentle tongue that not only persuades but also breathes life into situations. It is this steadfast endurance, sourced from the divine, that shapes my journey and guides me in moments of frustration and haste.

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