Singing, Mission and Purpose

I am singing with a purpose. It’s not about me anymore; it’s about the inspiration and message I sing. Many times, I don’t get paid, lowballed, and unappreciated. I choose not to make that a highlight of my performance. But it allows me to practice my discernment in people who use or see the artistic craft I do. God pays me in many different ways. But I also wish people to live blessed to be truly blessed. I give my all at every moment. God deserves my excellence, and people deserve to hear His story, whether gospel or a love song that would remind them to live in full. I’m not a perfect singer and will never be. I think when I get to be in heaven, I will, but for now, I give my all for a purpose, for a call, for a mission. To use my gift to inspire and encourage people and direct them to the one faithful King Jesus Christ.

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