What do I do every day? I sing in retirement homes, assisted living, memory care, and people with brain disabilities. Did you know that 18% of suicide cases across the US come from the elderly? That is a fact. We can fight this oppression with the word of God as the gift of music. Music is therapy, Not only to many of us but also to senior patients, family visitors, and friends. I currently have 60 facilities that I sing to every month. Some standards, jazz, opera, and gospel music I weave to tell a life story.

Join me as I go to these places and give a gift of gospel music with my SPIRIT-FILLED music album. Be a prayer partner and or Sponsor one patient or two people depending on your conviction. For a donation of $20 each, we can make a difference and bring enlightening music and joy to many.

Below is a complimentary link to listen:


venmo: @fspalad

zelle : 9496688178 /fspalad@gmail.com

CashApp: FelsonPalad

February 28, 2022, is the release of physical copies of Spirit-Filled Music Album with seven cover tracks and two original compositions.

My gift in music is not for the spotlight but a purpose. Serenading God's people with His ever-loving tunes; Adding value to people who listen to life-giving Music to one of the outskirts of the society.

Join me in my journey in the elderly and people who need memory care.

Truly yours, Felson

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