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Who would have thought?

I started singing when I was still a little boy. I never had voice lessons till I was already a grown-up. I had my formal training in musical theatre plays in college and after. My musical influences were different artists till I became a Christian. Words of life became more important to me than melodies. Singing with life-giving words is now the most important. Let me introduce you to two people I worked with who inspire me a lot. Two very talented men who are motivated to make music because of the gospel.

Don Moen, who would not know? Dove Award Winning Artist. The person who lets be used by God by composing “God Will Make A Way,” “Power of Your Love,” and one of my all-time favorites, “ Be It Unto Me.” He has written numerous songs and sang on stages in different parts of the world, yet his popularity didn’t get into his head, but he stayed humble. I know because I worked and met him in THE UPPER ROOM PRESENTS. His persona is not intimidating even though he is 6’4 tall. Always smiling, always encouraging. We didn’t sing together, how I wish, but we shared the stage ministering to people. He told me, “continue to write songs, write every day.” Well, I am not so faithful to that. But I remember and will do it when I can.

Tommy Walker was introduced personally to me by Tommy Coomes, another pillar of modern gospel music. I went to his office full of guitars, introduced myself, and he hugged me right away and said, “Welcome, brother.” He is very warm, and like Don Moen, he smiles and radiates light. No words, just encouragement, but of course, we did talk. Tommy Walker's hits are “ He Knows My Name,” “Only A God Like You,”  and many more, including the song “It Is I,” which my sister Sheena and I translated into Tagalog and made a version from the album Book of John. His words inspired me over lunch to make songs to inspire the next generation. He said and quoted, “make new music for the Lord.” That’s what I remember him telling me.

Who would have thought? That I would work, share the stage with these fantastic godly people who never stop to move forward with the gospel. The Bible said, “Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news,” coupled with the sandals of faith. Like Don Moen and Tommy Walker have soared high in their music career not by their might, not by their gift in music but with favor, anointing, and purpose from the Lord Jesus to spread the gospel they worship songs. I hope this post gets to them. I want to let them know that their lives inspire me and that Jesus is glorified in their lives. Thank you, Don and Tommy. Please check out their music and be inspired as well. Glory to God; praise Jesus in their lives.

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Jocelyn Lopez
Jocelyn Lopez
Sep 12, 2023

Amazing artist whose gift he uses to glorify the Lord. 🙏🏻


Denise Wallack
Denise Wallack
Jan 14, 2023


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