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A Quick Peek of My Day

Every morning, I begin my day by spending some time in prayer and devotion. After that, my lovely wife Dee prepares my two shots of coffee and a delicious breakfast. We come together to pray before I head off to work, and she always gives me a sweet kiss goodbye.

Today, I have two senior facilities to visit, and they are located 40 miles apart. I have to be very conscious about my schedule because I will be traveling during rush hour. Being late is not an option for me, so I will be keeping a close eye on the clock.

I am truly grateful to God for the doors of opportunity that He opens for me every day. I get to sing and dance with our beloved seniors, and I also get to share the love of God with them through bits of verses from the Bible. I see myself planting seeds that will continue to grow and flourish long after I am gone.

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