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Don't Listen To Your Heart

Updated: Apr 19

Proverbs 18:15

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.

As a former teacher with an experience of teaching for a decade in the Philippines, I have come to realize that my preference always leaned towards students who were present in the classroom consistently and showed a willingness to learn, even if their academic performance was average. I found it more rewarding to teach students who were eager to learn and actively participate in class discussions than the ones who were highly intelligent but frequently absent both physically and mentally. In my opinion, true learning comes from a desire to succeed and a willingness to work hard towards achieving that goal, rather than relying solely on one's innate intelligence.

Proverbs tell us that an intelligent heart acquires knowledge. This is a person who masters his emotions or feelings and will push to learn even when not feeling like it. He sacrifices time, money, and even emotions, and is willing to push himself, even if it only results in a step of advancement for the day. Proverbs go on to tell us that the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. He hyper-focuses one ear, deliberately tuning out the distractions, to give attention to knowledge and wisdom. He asks the right questions and actively applies the answers to his life.

I have always wondered what it truly means when it is said, "those who walk in the Spirit will live in the Spirit." Understanding and applying the Word of God daily in one's life, regardless of my "heart," emotions, or self-perceived thoughts, allows me to listen to the promises and understand my identity in Christ. I recall a moment when I first encountered God; my youth pastor, Brian Kairus, once said, "don't listen to the world, not even to yourself; listen to the Word of God about who you are."

Choose to be encouraged and make today wonderful! Let the power of the Holy Spirit guide you, rather than your flesh.

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