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Fearless Man Singing

The month of February has brought an unusual pour of rainy days in California. However, despite the change in weather patterns, my daily routine of ministry and work remains as surprising and fulfilling as ever. Recently, I had the opportunity to sing at a senior retirement home located in Laguna, California. The facility I performed at caters to individuals who require assisted living, with a majority of the residents being of Jewish faith. The audience I performed for comprised of a mix of memory and assisted living residents.

Personally, I find performing for memory care residents to be a unique and rewarding experience. The residents are surprisingly receptive to the music and often display their liking or dislike of the songs I perform. Their reactions vary, but are mostly positive, and sometimes even miraculous. It's heartwarming to see how music has the power to connect with individuals at a deeper level, particularly those who may have limited capacity to communicate.

Yesterday, during my performance at the care home, I noticed a man who stood out from the rest of the small crowd. He stood near the back, but he caught my attention because he seemed to be enjoying my music more than anyone else. I could see that he was singing and dancing along to almost every song I sang. Let's call him Perry, though I don't want to mention his real name.

As I progressed through my set, Perry gradually moved closer to the front. He arrived during my second song, looking pale and confused. However, the moment he heard the first lyrics, he stood up and started singing with me. It was clear that he knew the song well, and he sang it with perfect pitch and rhythm. Some of the other residents looked at him with surprise, but Perry didn't seem to care. He was lost in the music and the moment.

I could tell that Perry had a natural talent for singing and performing. It was as if he had been a performer in a past life. I was thrilled to have him singing with me, and I could see that the other residents were enjoying the show even more because of his participation.

At one point, one of the caregivers asked Perry to sit down, perhaps concerned for his safety. But Perry refused to sit down. He was in his own world of happiness, and he didn't want to come out of it. It was both adorable and amusing to watch him, and I was grateful for his contribution to my performance.

Perry spoke to my wife and expressed his admiration for my singing talent. He also mentioned that he had seen me perform before his surgery and that he felt healed by my singing. I overheard the conversation and spoke to Perry, thanking him for his kind words Perry responded by asking me when I was planning to return for another performance, saying that he always looked forward to seeing me again. I am amazed at the fact that Perry remembered me after a gap of two months.

I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve our retired seniors in the United States. Through my passion for music, I am able to bring joy and purpose into their lives. It's a reminder that our gifts and talents can make a positive impact on others, and I am honored to be a conduit for the Spirit to sing over their sorrows and pains. Above all, it is my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that guides and inspires me to use my talents for His Kingdom.

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