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Labor of Love

Labor of Love

Recently, I have observed that many people are wearing masks again.

However, there was this one morning that I found it really hard to get up. It was not because I was sick, but it was just one of those days when you feel a little low on energy. My wife suggested that I should take a day off and rest, but I decided to go to work and sing. You may wonder why I made that decision. Well, it's because I have many beautiful reasons to keep doing what I do. I find joy in singing, and I love bringing joy to others through my performances. Even though I do not receive any extra pay for pushing myself to work, the satisfaction I get from doing what I love is priceless.

As a singer, I have had the privilege of performing at various retirement homes. During these performances, I have had the opportunity to not only interact with the residents and patients, but also with the dedicated and hard-working caregivers. Many of these caregivers are Filipinos, and as I am also fluent in the language, we are able to communicate effectively. Through our conversations, they have shared with me the profound impact that music has on their clients, highlighting the power it has to uplift and bring joy to those in their care.

During a conversation with my wife, I expressed my reluctance to miss visiting the residents of a particular location. I explained that many of the women there would get dressed up in their best outfits, apply makeup, and style their hair in anticipation of my visit. It was clear to me that my presence brought them joy and comfort, and I did not want to disappoint them. Despite my wife's suggestion that I take some time to rest instead, I felt a strong sense of responsibility towards these ladies and did not want to let them down.

I often experience a sense of fatigue and exhaustion due to singing multiple times a day; however, I use this feeling as a reminder to pray. Recently, I performed at a retirement home in Beverly Hills, after my program a woman approached me and asked if she could give me a hug. She explained that she was going to have surgery the following week and that she knew I would be singing that day. She went on to say that she found my music and voice beautiful and that she was looking forward to a speedy recovery so that she could see me perform again. This encounter left a profound impact on me and reminded me of the power of music and the ways in which it can bring people together. It is moments like these that make me grateful for the gifts and talents that God has given me, and motivate me to continue sharing them with the world.

The world is a wonderful place when viewed through the lens of God. Imperfect as it may be, it becomes perfected by His grace when we live according to His will. I recall my pastor once saying, "Success is not a measure of money or titles, but of the relationships we forge. This is the principle of the Kingdom of God."

I may not always get paid what I deserve, and at times my clients may not see the value in what I do. However, my wife and I are still able to pay our bills and make a life for ourselves, thanks to God's provision. I am grateful to be doing what I love and what God has called me to do, though I pray to earn enough to buy a home for my wife.

I believe that God promotes those who faithfully serve Him, and I have experienced many promotions in my life. I share this not to seek support, but to inspire and raise awareness of the challenges faced by seniors and the unique struggles of ministering in retirement homes. If you have read this far, I ask that you pray for me and my wife, for our ministry, for strength, provision, and open doors that no one can shut. May you and your loved ones be blessed abundantly.

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