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Life Is Good With God

Proverbs 5:21

For your ways are in full view of the Lord,

and he examines all your paths.

Our God is not a passive being. He is constantly active and attentive to the needs of His people. In fact, He is always on the lookout for those who are faithful to Him and who seek to follow His will. At the same time, He is not a harsh or judgmental God who is quick to find fault with us. Rather, He is a loving and compassionate God who guides us along the right path and helps us avoid stumbling and falling along the way.

It is His desire to teach us and to help us grow in knowledge and understanding of His ways. For those who are willing to learn, He is a patient and wise teacher who will guide them step by step. As we trust in Him and follow His lead, we will discover the goodness of His character and the depth of His love for us.

So let us taste and see that the Lord is good. Let us put our faith in Him and trust in His guidance. For He is truly a good God, and His love endures forever. #proverbsaday #christianmotivation

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