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My Lola Angie

Long story but worth the read.

In 2017, my sister Sheena and I came to the United States for a travel tour. As newcomers to the country, we were fortunate enough to meet some very kind and welcoming Filipino people during our initial months here. Among them were Lolo Martin and his wife Lola Angie, who stood out as two of the most generous individuals we encountered.

While Lolo Martin was easygoing and friendly, Lola Angie came across as a strict and no-nonsense person at first. However, it didn't take long for us to realize that she was also incredibly loving and caring. In fact, I have experienced this firsthand on several occasions.

I distinctly remember when we were touring the East Coast, Lola Angie always made sure to check on everyone, particularly Kuya Christian, and ask how we were doing. She was also very particular about following the itinerary to the letter, so that we wouldn't miss any of the scheduled stops along the way.

Overall, our experience with Lolo Martin and Lola Angie was truly memorable and heartwarming, and it's safe to say that they made a lasting impact on us.

In the midst of the pandemic, Lolo Martin was frequently admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with COVID-19 every other month. During those trying times, Lola and I became phonepals and checked on each other regularly. Despite living 35 miles away, I would often cook our favorite rice cakes to satisfy our cravings. It's possible that our shared experience of being diabetics helped us connect even further. We often spent our time together watching movies at her house, and Lola would prepare my absolute favorite dish - sardines with lots of onions and rice.

However, the most memorable experience I shared with my Lola was when my mother passed away in the Philippines, also during the pandemic. In those dark times, Lola and I would often pray together. Those moments were incredibly comforting and meaningful to me. As few people know, I do not have any immediate blood relatives here in the US aside from my Strand family. Lola was my crying shoulder, and she would cry with me for hours until I felt better. I deeply appreciate those times and hold them close to my heart.

That is why when I met Dee and decided to propose, Lola Angie was the first person I informed. She even helped me plan the proposal, which made the moment even more special.

To my dear Lola, I just want to express my love and gratitude for you. Even though we may not see each other as often as before, your presence in my life and the love you have for me continues to inspire me to share that love with others. The distance between us doesn't diminish the love we have for each other, and whenever we do see each other, our hugs are long and tight, a true testament to the love we share. My wish for you is that you continue to be blessed with good health and all the blessings the world has to offer. May you and Lolo continue to be a shining example of love and blessings to all those around you.

Do you also have a Lola like mine? Share and let them know your love for them.

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