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Upper Room Presents

I was a Biology teacher in two Universities in the Philippines before coming to the States 5 years ago. I sing only in church events and occasional events on church and Sundays to lead worship.

Now, I am a full time singer. I am doing what I’m doing, singing every day in different places, especially in retirement homes, concerts, and sharing the goodness of God through Music; because the Upper Room Presents through my spiritual parents, Ron and Kathy Strand, believed in the gift God has given me. The most generous people I know, including their children, who shared their parents' love to me and my family in the Philippines.

In 5 years, I have written and produced songs that minister to people’s hearts.

My gratitude to Jesus Christ of saving me and to the people He uses and said “yes, I will help Felson” will not stop. How Great and awesome our Father in heaven is.

I believe I am barely touching the surface of the ministry God has prepared for me and my future wife. The lighthouse is blazing with fire, and people should see the light in the middle of the city. Darkness is everywhere; there is a home in Jesus Christ. He is our rest. Our great reward.

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